4 Tips for Hiring an SEO expert


By this age, all online business owners know the importance of hiring a professional to cascade through the seas of online marketing and ensure maximum visibility for their business. This is not just about search engine optimization but also tracking user traction and enhancing a site’s performance. All of this requires the expertise of a certified SEO who has enough experience being immersed in this world and knows how to boost a business.

Considering the number of freelancers and self-proclaimed experts that exist out there today it is necessary that online businesses follow a certain procedure in hiring an SEO professional that is compatible with their site and the services they have to offer. Following are some tips that will help one choose the right SEO:

  • Check their areas of expertise – This is an important step as many SEO’s will have only certain areas of expertise. So, read their profiles and see if they are compatible with your website. whether it is mobile optimization or on-site SEO, you need to know your SEO’s skill set and see whether they can adapt quickly to the needs of your company in order to boost business as soon as possible.
  • Review their past performance – This solely based on the number of profits they have been able to generate in their former assignments and a record of their services intangible points so that you can assess just how useful they will be for your business. It is important that they have a substantial amount of references and examples for you to have little faith before you hand over the responsibility of your company’s online future into their hands. You have to analyze how successful heir past endeavors have been to get a clear estimate about how efficient their methods are. Your business cannot be a playground for them, so have proof of actions backing that.
  • Remember to do your own research first – It is important that you know your market so that you can decide exactly what services you need from SEO. If you are unclear about the efforts you require, it can be a bit unsettling for your business. Start with the Google Webmaster Guidelines and SEO Starter Guide. Have an idea about what your SEO work should look like and understand the demands of the industry before you hire a professional.
  • Have a conversation and observe their values – This is the golden rule of hiring professional. How respectful they are of their clients, the way they deal with commitments, the amount of work they are ready to put in, and the originality and desire they have to push the company forward, once you are placing the responsibility of your businesses’ online future into their hands you need to check how reliable they actually are in an overall way.

Make sure it is not a whimsical decision. Weight your pros and cons and understand that hiring a certified SEO Wellington is an actual investment to ensure that they are compatible with your vision and the idea you have about your online business. This is what will ensure maximum success.


NBR employment case backfires: woman pays out 10 times what she is rewarded in compensation in legal fees

An Auckland woman who was unjustifiably dismissed by a former employer incurred more than 10 times in legal fees than what she received in compensation.

Philipa Johnson, who worked for business publication the National Business Review (NBR) as a senior advertising account manager and later partnerships executive, was found to have been unjustifiably dismissed by the Employment Relations Authority.

Johnson’s other claim of being unjustifiably disadvantaged by the NBR was dismissed by the authority.

She was also found to have breached her employment contract by taking and distributing sensitive company information – print subscriber and advertiser databases – from the NBR following her dismissal.

NBR’s publisher Fourth Estate Holdings took that case to the Auckland High Court, which ordered her “not to deal with, distribute or utilise” the information.

The ERA awarded Johnson $1666.67 in lost wages and $8000 in compensation from the publisher for humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to her feelings following her unjust dismissal. She originally sought $50,000.

However, she was ordered to pay a $9000 penalty for breaching her employment contract, of which $6750 was to be paid to the NBR and the balance to the authority.

Johnson paid legal fees of $96,000, outlined in the authority decision, which were said to have been footed by her father.

Employment lawyer Catherine Stewart, who defended Johnson through the High Court and ERA hearings, said she believed the $96,000 her client incurred in fees was reasonable.

“The costs Phillipa incurred were reasonable in the circumstances of this case. When assessing her costs it needs to be noted that a large part of the work done was defending her against claims brought by the NBR,” Stewart said.

“There were proceedings in the High Court and the Employment Relations Authority and an overlap in the Authority with the High Court proceedings. In the High Court Phillipa was being sued for damages and the NBR also brought a cross-challenge against her in the Authority. Fortunately we were able to successfully resolve the High Court proceedings thereby saving Phillipa the costs of a full hearing, as well as avoiding a potential award of damages against her.”

Employment lawyer, Peter Chemis of law firm Buddle Findlay, said the $96,000 sum incurred seemed “unusually high” and said it was an “exceptional case”.

“If you go to the High Court to get an injunction or defend it you might spend $10-$15-$20,000 on a bad day … I don’t know how she spent that much.

“The ERA hearing went for two days and then there was another half day; a case like that you might spend $30,000.”

Chemis said it was common for some to spend more in legal fees than what they got awarded in compensation when pursuing employment cases.

“I’ve never seen a case where someone spends $100,000.”

Stewart has not provided the Herald with a breakdown of costs.

The authority said the $96,000 in legal fees Johnson incurred included the NBR’s legal fees.

Johnson was employed with the NBR between May 2016 and October 2017, and tasked with increasing the publication’s advertising revenue.

She told the ERA two options were presented to her: resign and receive three months’ pay or go through a performance management process which would result in her employment terminated.

She was later given a termination letter, and told colleagues she had been fired.

NBR publisher Todd Scott held two meetings with NBR staff. During the second he told staff Johnson had been sacked and “deserved to be fired”.

Authority member Jenni-Maree Trotman ruled Johnson was treated unfairly and NBR’s decision to terminate Johnson’s employment did not fall within the range of what a “notional fair and reasonable employer”.

“There was no investigation of any performance concerns before dismissal. There was no rising of any concerns with Mrs Johnson before her dismissal and she was not provided with access to any relevant information relied upon by the NBR in making its decision. There was no opportunity afforded to Mrs Johnson to respond to any concerns about her performance before dismissal,” Trotman said.

Johnson said she felt intimidated and distressed by the actions taken by the NBR after her dismissal, including it pursuing the action in the High Court and threatening action against her for recording the dismissal meeting and through a text sent to her by Scott.

“Mrs Johnson has suffered humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to her feelings following her termination. However, I am not satisfied that the sum she claims is warranted in the circumstances,” Trotman said.

“Secondly, at least in part, Mrs Johnson’s distress was attributable to the High Court proceeding and the NBR’s claim in the present case, where it took action against Mrs Johnson to protect its confidential information.”

Breach of contract

Johnson was found to have sent a number of emails from her work email to her personal email account with sensitive company information, such as subscription numbers, a copy of the NBR’s print subscriber database.

Within days of starting her new job, Johnson compiled a spreadsheet containing information she had obtained from the NBR’s databases.

The NBR alleged Johnson breached her independent employment agreement by taking the confidential information belonging to the publication.

“During the latter part of her employment Mrs Johnson emailed information to her home address on multiple occasions and took hard copies of not only her own, but her colleagues’ client lists. This was done at a time when Mrs Johnson was aware that her job was in jeopardy and was actively seeking alternative employment,” Trotman said.

“It is more likely than not that Mrs Johnson took the NBR’s information for the purpose of using it in the future.”

In a statement to the Herald Johnson said she was considering appealing the authority decision.

“I’m pleased that I won the unjustified dismissal case and that the Authority found there to be serious defects in the process followed by the NBR and that I was treated unfairly.
“I was never in this for the money. For me it was extremely important as a matter of principle to stand up to the NBR because I believed they were breaking the law by giving me an ultimatum to leave with a pay-out or be fired,” Johnson said.

“This is a practice used at the NBR to get rid of people … I wanted to stop this practice from happening to anyone else. I was aware all along the costs would be more than I got back.”

Scott said he was glad the case had been resolved and apologised to subscribers and clients whose data had been taken.

“Our safeguarding of this valuable data should have been more robust.”

NZ Herald


Auckland lawyer struck off for secretly dealing in client’s trust

An Auckland lawyer has been struck off the roll of barristers and solicitors for adversely dealing with his client’s trust funds without their knowledge.

The New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal found Brian Robert Ellis guilty of misconduct.

He persistently failed to comply with his trust account reporting obligations, adversely dealt with his client’s trust funds without the client’s knowledge and deducted an unjustified fee from the funds, the tribunal found.

Ellis is appealing the striking off order.

In another matter in June, Ellis acted for a client when he had a conflict of interest. The tribunal censured and suspended him from practice for six months.

With the latest finding, Ellis has now had seven disciplinary findings against him.

The tribunal said it could not have confidence similar conduct would be avoided in the future and there was a risk of reoffending.

As well as striking Ellis off the roll, the tribunal required him to honour his agreement to pay $810 to his former client and to pay prosecution costs of $31,600.

“Trust accounting responsibilities are at the heart of relationship between lawyers and their clients,” New Zealand Law Society president Kathryn Beck said.

“Any adverse dealings by lawyers with funds which are held in trust for clients will always be treated extremely seriously.”

NZ Herald


Armed Offenders Squad storm Auckland street during search warrant execution

The Armed Offenders Squad is swarming around Southdown Lane in Penrose, Auckland, as police execute a search warrant.

At 1.39pm a witness said a woman had been arrested by police after four other people were arrested earlier.

The police helicopter is also hovering over the scene off Great South Rd, a witness said.

The Armed Offenders Squad has been aiming their guns what looks like an industrial building on the road, a witness said.

The road has been closed by emergency services.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) is now setting up a shower on the road, another witness said.

A FENZ command unit arroved on site around 1.30pm.

Another witness said earlier it appeared a man had been bitten by a police dog and was sitting bleeding under a tree.

Four people wearing handcuffs have been taken out of a building by police, he said.

Six police cars are in attendance, as well as St John.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the AOS was executing a search warrant.

“I was coming back to work when I noticed the road was closed and there were cops with guns,” a witness said.

At 12.46pm police appeared to be searching for another person, the witness said.

NZ Herald


What are the necessary skills and abilities required to become a fire engineer?


Fire engineers is a job that most of us are not aware of. We all see there are people who help others in getting rid of fire in their offices, houses and in the places, but we never think about the person who is behind the proper execution of the plan. We call that person a fire engineer. If you too want to become a fire engineer, then here are the skills and abilities you will require.

A degree in fire engineering

The foremost thing that you will need to become a fire engineer is a degree. This is very obvious and that too in India, nothing is possible without a degree. So, if you are interested in this field, go and search for colleges and institutions that provide a degree in fire engineer. When you will go for the interview, you should have a certificate from a recognized engineering college.

Experience matters a lot

After the completion of the degree in engineering, you should go and find a place where you can work. The company that will hire you will need a certificate of apparatus driver operator from a recognized fire and rescue academy. You need to get a certificate of apparatus driver operator/ aerial from the same institute.

Proper knowledge of fire and related things

Fire engineer is someone who has to deal with fire and things related to it all the times. So, he or she should have the proper knowledge of fire and its properties. This is important as it will make the work of the engineer bit easy. Along with that a fire engineer should know about the equipment that are required in the rescue operation. As mentioned earlier, a certificate a recognized fire and rescue operation is necessary and during the period of this course you will get the knowledge of all these things

Proper knowledge of equipment and tools

The work of a fire engineer is to check the various equipment that go for the rescue operation. To check this equipment one should first know about it properly. So, it is important to know about the equipment used in the rescue operation.

Should know about the tactic required in the rescue operation

There are various techniques required for the rescue operation. A fire engineer should know about these techniques and should also know how to implement them.

Should be a humble person at heart

The job of a fire engineer is to rescue people who are stuck in a serious problem. The fire incidents cause a great loss of life and property. A fire engineer helps the people in getting out of these problems. This job requires a lot of kindness and humbleness. So, before you do anything, you should be a good person at heart. This is by far the most important skill that is required to become a fire engineer.

So, these were the skills and abilities that are required in becoming a fire engineer.


How to make bubble waffle?


Bubble waffle is one of the most common snack options and is the favourite of many. There are a lot of places where you can buy your bubble waffle. Here are the steps that could be used in the making of bubble waffles at home.

Get the info about the necessary ingredients and buy them first

Before you go on to prepare a bubble waffle at home, you need to buy all the ingredients that are required in the making of it. The ingredients used in it are very basic and could be found easily in any store. So, before you start the preparation or making of it, you should know about them all and should buy them. As we all know that bubble waffle is a snack that is made from the batter that has custard and eggs in it. So, these are the top ingredients required. Apart from that, you will need cake flour, organic cane sugar, baking powder, oil, water and vanilla extract. The quantity of the ingredients depends on the number of servings. The brand of the ingredients used in the making of the waffle can also be decided by the maker. The only thing that you should remember about the making of this waffle is that the proportion of all these ingredients should be correct.

Make the batter

For the preparation of the batter, the first thing you need to do is to mix all the dry and wet ingredients. After you are done mixing these ingredients, you need to add the eggs in it. Whisking off the eggs properly is very important. As mentioned earlier, this is the key ingredient, so the proper treatment should be done with the eggs. You need to mix all these things properly till the batter turns out to be smooth. After you realize that a smooth batter is made, leave it.

Prepare the batter one day before also

If you look at the simple waffle too, then the most noticeable thing in them is the fluffiness. They are very crispy. If you are in cooking, then you know that the fluffiness that a snack has because of the base that is made for it expands. This could be done and the fluffiness of the waffle could be achieved by leaving the batter for at least one day. So, to make a good bubble waffle, the tip is to leave the batter for at least one day in your refrigerator.

Heat the waffle maker

Before pouring the mixture or the batter in the waffle maker, you need to pre-heat it. This is a very important step in the whole process and contributes a lot to the making of waffle. After the preheating, you need to spray some cooking oil in the waffle maker. The quantity of oil depends on the size of the waffle maker

Pour the batter and rest

The final step of this process is pouring the correct amount of the mixture in the waffle maker. Once you have done that, rest for 3-4 minutes and wait for it to cool completely.

In this way, your favourite waffle will be ready. The steps included in this article are very easy.



4 Steps To Prevent And Manage AV Failure


The worst fear of every presenter is an AV failure. Imagine you are prepping for your presentation and it is just about to begin, people have taken their seats, their attention is focused on you, you try to start your presentation but the projector shuts down and the speakers don’t cooperate as well. But by the time you get it under control, it might as well have been too late. So no matter how much you check, double check and then triple check something, there’s always that possibility of things going haywire. But there are ways to prevent or at least manage this embarrassing situation better:

Just Hire an AV Service

If you live in Auckland then get an AV to hire Auckland or get a local but reputed AV service to take care of all your AV requirements. A technician can set up the necessary equipment which will be used in the conference, event or such. The consultant will also train you regarding how you can manage the gear and work with it during your presentations. Of course, the hired technicians will be staying on site till the event is done in case any technical problems pop up. If your organization holds a lot of events then consider hiring a technician with whose services you were satisfied as it will help in building up a good rapport.

Book the location early on

Make sure that you book the location where the presentation will be held days early and along with it also have a floorplan. This will helps in ensuring everything goes to plan on the day when it actually matters. It will reduce your worries as the technician can get working as soon as he can. Later on, if any adjustments are needed, then you can direct them to carry it out. Most importantly, all of it will go smoothly and without much hassle or tension.

Make sure you have the presentation ready

This is to say that you should have your presentation and content ready by the time the AV hire service sets up the equipment and is testing it days before the event. If your presentation is ready, then you can test it, again and again, to see if you are encountering any problems or if anything needs tuning.

Have backup gear with you onsite

No matter how many times a thing gets tested, there’s still always a slight chance of things going wrong. To prevent even this little percentage from rising, make sure you have back up a gear with you. Of course, you don’t have to carry heavy gear whenever you go, but making sure that you know where it is will help to get to it and set it up sooner. Also, you should remember that gear wears off over time, so make sure you use it frequently, but within means to prevent chances of surprise failure.

Keeping these points in mind will ensure that you don’t have to face unnecessary embarrassment and failure while trying to successfully get through the event you are in charge of organizing.


Questions to ask from your property manager before hiring him


Handling a property properly is not an easy task and if you are a new owner then you are in more trouble. To solve this problem of yours you can hire a person who is good at property management, but before doing so you need to check his eligibilities properly. So, here are a few of the questions that you can ask your future property manager.

The license of the manager

The very first question that you should ask the person that you are hiring as a property manager is that whether he is a licensed property manager or not. You should ask him about the course that he or she has done for getting this job and the name of the institute that he has gone for the course. Also, you should ask him about the exam that one needs to clear to get that license from the state government.

Number and types of property

Next question that you should ask from your future property manager is how many properties he or she is handling right now and what kind of properties are they. The reason behind asking this question is very clear. The first thing that the answer to this question will clear out is that how responsible or how capable he or she is in handling the property. The second thing that you will come to know after this is that which kind of a property is the person expert in handling. So, these are very important points when it comes to property management and you should definitely ask the person about these questions.

The format of monthly report

The third question that you should ideally ask the person whom you are going to hire as your property manager is that how does he send the report for every month. You should ask for the sample or the format in which he or she used to give the report to their former owners. This is important as his way of working should be according to your comfort and that is why you need to see the way in which the particular person presents the report. In the format or the sample, you should look whether the way is okay for you or not and whether you are able to understand all the information provided or not. This is very important as all the progress of your property depends on this report only.

His way of working

Another important question that you should not forget asking your manager is about the way of maintenance of the work. You should ask the manager about the way he works. How he will collect the rent and who will handle the maintenance work and other things related to the work. These things are important obviously because these are the basics of the work and everything else will be done according to these things only.

So, these are few of the questions that you should ask your future property manager before hiring him or her for you.


Guidelines for creating pull up banners for your business


If anyone is planning for a good exhibition or promotion of a business, then it would be best to use the pull up banners. They are not only economical and effective for any type of business. The demand for such type of banners is slowly increasing and it is expected that in times to come there will be more such advancements. However, there are certain guidelines and tips for creating such banners for the business. It will really help people to a good extent.

Put a correct message on the banner:

The most essential part of the banner is that any type of message that will be written on the banner should be correct in all aspects. It is better to think about the message that can fit well with the advertisement. It would be much nicer if the same is done by a professional person who is well connected with this trade. If the message is for sale, then the full focus should be given to the benefits and features of the product. It should also be concise and specific at the same time. Users should also remember that they have a few seconds time to get connected with the audience.

Special preference for great design and great impact:

The design and intention of promoting the business should be given top priority. It should not be compromised at any cost. If a few words are provided on the banner then the whole attempt or focus should be on planning visual impact. It must be seen from any part of the exhibition hall. The design must be made by keeping in mind about the product or item. Never try to put irrelevant or the one that does not match with the item. Think twice before putting designs on the banner.

Place the logo of the company at the top of the banner:

Here comes the most important part of the banner. Whenever anyone is trying to put any type of message or image on the banner special focus should be on placing the logo at the top of the banner. It will easily catch the attention of the people and will also reflect professionalism in the business. The logos that will be placed at the top of the banner should be made by using high-quality resolution and images. These are some of the vital points that are connected with the banner. Many times people ignore the logo of the company if placed in an uncommon place.

Most of the modern companies in the present world are mainly trying to focus on their business by using such type of banners. The advent of the banners has really helped the modern man with some innovative ideas. As every day is passing, new ideas and thoughts are coming into existence and most of them are the hit ones. These types of banners are highly praised and appreciated by modern industrialists and businessmen. They are greatly benefitted and it is assumed that there will be more such inventions in the near future that will gain good popularity.



Types of engagement ring which you can purchase depending on your personality

Diamonds are said to stay with a person forever just like the engagement ring. As you will be providing the engagement ring to the other person with whom you want to spend your rest of the life with, so you will have to be very much picky when you are opting for it. You will need to keep in mind the lifestyle of the other person and their likes and choices in order to get the perfect one. There are different types of engagement ring which one can pick depending on the personality of the other person whom they will be providing it.


Solitaire ring: Among the most popular ones for the engagement rings, solitaire rings rank the first and it has a beautiful round diamond on the top and looks very simple. This ring will look very classic and is traditional as well. It will provide you with the gleam of elegance, simplicity, and sophistication and they are very affordable and will never be outdated. As this is a very common choice so you can also try out another type of rings to stand out from the rest.


Halo ring: This is a very beautiful ring where the center diamond will be surrounded with the other small diamonds in a circular menu and it will appear larger and sparkling. If you want your engagement ring to do all the talking then you can definitely opt for this style. It is very elegant, fancy and glamorous. So even if you are in your sweatpants with the halo ring on the engagement finger, you will be grabbing a lot of attention. The downside of the ring is, it is extremely bulky and can easily break the rubber gloves as well.


Vintage rings:  Vintage ring has always been a very popular choice because it incorporates the dainty bands, antique patterns, and intricate designs. It is very hard to replicate the designs of antique or vintage rings. Three words which can describe the vintage rings are romantic, classy and retro. These vintage rings come with some family or historical significance and they are also less expensive when compared to the modern rings. It’s very hard to easily upgrade these rings.


Non-traditional rings:  This non-traditional ring come in various sizes, colour, and style. It is very easy to get the gems which are interesting and rare. This type of rings is modern, quirky and unique. But this type of rings not always give out the engagement vibes so not all people will be able to spot you as someone who has already been engaged.


A diamond ring or an engagement ring must be able to tell a lot about the person who is wearing it so do consider different types and always check the lifestyle of the other person. It is very important to consider the metal as well because if the partner has an active lifestyle, then it is always important to go for the platinum ones. One can also consider Engagement Rings Auckland to be an ideal option.